The Indestructible Bluetoothâ„¢ Boombox

James Demer built his first speaker out of a shoe box when he was 12 years old. As a lifelong maker of stuff with a deep appreciation for music and sound, James built a career in location audio recording. While audio mixing a feature film on location in Barrow, Alaska, he cut holes in a Pelican case, installed some speakers and an amplifier circuit, and turned it into a boombox. The crew loved it and DemerBox was born.

In early 2017 Zac bought a DemerBox and brought it to Belize for a spearfishing trip. He loved it so much, and as a lifelong avid hunter, fisherman and outdoor adventurer, he worked with Demer and bought into the company.

Together Zac and James have built a high tech workshop in Georgia, USA and are proudly building what they believe is the best sounding, most indestructible portable speaker available.

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