Meet Rich Brown, he is one of the master artisans that make up Zac Brown Collective! Rich is the founder, owner, and creator of the Georgia-based company, Pottery32. After attending his first pottery class at the age of 32 in Decatur, GA, Rich began an artistic journey to not only pursue an undeniable new found passion but to also inspire those around him. With a spirited “it’s never too late” mantra and a true love of the art, he has made pottery a huge part of his life. Rich has a detailed focused tenacity that has him eager to continue to learn his craft and has given him the ability to share his appreciation for people through each piece he creates.

Rich’s mission is to provide art that can be used in everyone’s daily life and not just displayed to be viewed. Pottery32 accomplishes this by providing unique and usable keepsakes to be passed down for generations!

Pottery32 Website